VH-BAC (1)    Avro 652A Anson 1  


                                  VH-BAC was another of Inland Air Services Pty Ltd's Ansons.  It was formerly DG730 in the
                                  RAAF.   Inland was a Queensland registered outfit which operated between March and October
                                  of 1948, flying fresh meat, fish and fruit in addition to the occasional passenger from Brisbane to
                                  small inland towns.  The two images on this page were taken by the late Gus Grulke at Archer-
                                  field and are shown here courtesy of the Geoff Goodall collection.  Note smaller windows on this
                                  Anson than those normally fitted to civil conversions.  In December, 1948 Inland was taken over
                                  by Queensland Airlines.   The rare shot below shows -BAC in QAL titling.    It was later sold to
                                  Crowley Airways in New Guinea and was withdrawn from service by them in May 1956.