VH-AMA (1)     CAC CA6 Wackett Trainer  (c/n  363)


                              When the Illawarra Flying Club decided that the tail location for the registration was in vogue,
                              they changed the livery somewhat from the all red fuselage with silver rego and fin (and red
                              and silver rudder stripes) to that of the above.  The canopy was painted all red along with the fin.
                              The rudder stripes remained, but a silver cheat line was added.   This aircraft was ex A3-129
                              and is seen here at Bankstown in 1954.  Note nose of Anson on left.  VH-AMA was re-registered
                              VH-DGR in 1958, and is now, I believe, being restored as VH-WKT.   Prior to that, earlier in
                              1958, VH-AMA was used by Kingsford Smith Aviation for flight trials pending the conversion of
                              several Wacketts for agricultural operations.   This involved  extending the rear fuselage decking
                              to eliminate the rear cockpit (presumably to accommodate the hopper).    It is seen at Bankstown in
                              in that configuration in the photo below from the Geoff Goodall collection.   Later, as VH-DGR it
                              was restored to conventional Wackett Trainer layout.