VH-AZL  Fairchild 24W41A Argus II   (c/n   308)


                                  I am indebted to Paul Lucas, owner of VH-AZL for this nice contemporary shot of it.  Hitherto
                                  my only image was the poor hangar shot at Bankstown, seen below, taken in the late 1950s. 
                                  Formerly EV798, -AZL was one of over 500 Argus aircraft supplied to the RAF under Lend
                                  Lease.  It was civilianized as G-AKCJ and imported into Australia in 1956.    Paul advises that
                                  only  4 or 5 Warner Super Scarab powered models remain in the U.K.  This one is kept hangared
                                  at Caboolture, Queensland.  At the foot of the page is a rare shot of the Argus as G-AKCJ from
                                  the R.A. Scholefield collection takat Blackpool's Squires Gate Airport, UK in August of 1949