VH-AYM  de Havilland D.H.84A Dragon                             (c/n  2031)


                                     Several of the images I have gleaned over the years came from obscure albums of correspondent's
                                     family relatives..  One such is the shot above, of a Qantas Dragon, from the album of Bernadette
                                     Wood of  Melbourne whose father, Dr Alan J Wood flew with the Flying Doctors Service out of
                                     Cloncurry.   VH-AYM was ex A34-42 and was released from RAAF service in September 1945 
                                  .  It was purchased by the Royal Queensland Aero Club for £50 in February 1946.    In September
                                     of that year it was registered to Qantas and operated for Flying Doctor Service of Australia
                                     (Queensland Section) Inc, and named 'Norman Bourke'.       In the snapshot above, probably
                                     taken at Cloncurry it appears to be either loading or unloading a gurney with a patient aboard.
                                     Also, from the album of the late Dr. Wood is an evocative shot (below) of the interior of a Dragon
                                     (not necessarily -AYM) showing patient and nurse safely aboard.  Note bulkhead placard for
                                     the Flying Doctor Service of Australia.      On 24 November 1948, -AYM was destroyed by fire
                                     at Canobie Station, some 88 miles north  Cluncurry. Qld.  Fire broke out in the port engine during                            
                                     engine start and was unable to be extinguished.  . Pilot Peter Buchanan and 4 passengers escaped
                                     unhurt.   Both Dragons and Dragon Rapides had the habit of doing this from time to time.