VH-AXV   Avro 652A Anson 1


                                  Rare photograph from the Geoff Goodall collection of an Anson in service with Airlines (WA) Ltd
                                  of Perth.   This shot was taken at Kalgoorlie in 1948    Obviously services had been expanded from
                                  those given in my 1947 ABC International Air & Shipping Guide which indicated that the Ansons
                                  were not only used on the route from Perth to Rottnest Island, but also on services to Busselton
                                  (1 hr 10 mins), Albany (2 hrs 15 min) and also incredibly to Port Hedland (10 hrs 10 mins via
                                  Meekatharra).   I often complain about the flight from Raleigh to London (7+ hours).  Imagine
                                  spending ten hours in an Avro Anson!   The round passenger windows on VH-AXV are unusual.
                                  In 1948 VH-AXV (W1657 in the RAAF) was re-registered VH-BXV when DCA declared the
                                  VH-AX series "prohibited" due to their confliction with standard callsigns and the international Q
                                  Code".   For this reason you will not find any VH-AX-  series regos today.    As VH-BXV this
                                  Anson was withdrawn from service in 1960.