(VH-AWL)  as VT-DJQ  Hindustan HT-2       (c/n  T1   11(


                                      In 1958 Airwork Pty Ltd decided to try their luck at selling the Indian designed and built
                                      Hindustan HT-2 trainer in Australia.  It is seen above at Moorabbin during demonstration
                                      flights.  In June 1959 it was registered VH-AWL and based at Archerfield.   No sales were
                                      forthcoming and it was shipped back to India in October 1960.   I assume then, it was sent
                                      on consignment.  The above shot by Neil Follett is the only one I have seen of this aircraft,
                                      although I am positive someone took a photo of it in Australian markings during the year it
                                      was in Brisbane.