VH-AVO  (2) Piper PA-32-260 Cherokee Six                (c/n  32-118)


                                      VH-AVO was originally a DCA Prohibited Registration.  When the rules changed it was ultimately
                                      assigned to a PA-28-235 Cherokee (I have no picture) which became VH-POF.   The second iter-
                                      ation was this Cherokee Six, first registered in January 1966.  Both were part of the vast fleet of the
                                      Rent-A-Plane inventory carried by Avis in Australia in the mid 1960s.  Geoff Goodall's shot above
                                      was at Adelaide Airport in May of 1966.  When sold off by Avis it had several owners before being
                                      written off in a heavy landing at Mount Willoughby, SA on 14 November 1974.