VH-AVN   Fairchild  24W41A Argus II                (c/n  314)


                                     This Argus was all doled up with advertisements for radio station 2UE in Sydney when this
                                     shot by Jim Dyson was taken.   It is featured here courtesy of the David Molesworth collection.  
                                     Although built as a UC-61 Forwarder and assigned USAAC serial 42-13578 it actually went
                                     straight to the RAF under Lend Lease as EV806.  It was civilianized in 1946 as G-AJKM and
                                     purchased by Kingsford Smith Aviation Services in 1953.   Immediately below it is seen at
                                     Adelaide Airport in 1955 with 'Guinea Airways - S.A. State Uranium Survey' titling in a shot
                                     from the Rod Adam collection (via Geoff Goodall).   Finally, at the foot of the page is a later
                                     nice shot of it taken at Wagga, NSW in January 1966 by Bob Neate.    -AVN was reputed to
                                     have been sold in France in 1969 as F-AZCF, a "period" rego usually reserved for pre-war craft
                                     or war-birds.