VH-AUC   (2)    Percival P.28B Proctor 1         (c/n   K253)


                                  VH-AUC was built at Luton, Beds, UK in 1940 as P6194 for the RAF who used it in a light
                                  transport and communications role during WW II.   In 1946 it was civilianized as G-AHDI,
                                  and was exported to Australia in 1951.  This machine has been preserved and is currently on
                                  display at the Australian National Aviation Museum at Moorabbin, masquerading as another
                                  Proctor ('A75-1' of the RAAF Communications Flight, ex VH-BNB which itself was destroyed
                                  in a crash). This shot, incidentally, was taken at the same venue, albeit fifty years ago.   The
                                  image below shows -AUC on the highway being towed behind Geoff Goodall's Ford Zephyr
                                  in June of 1965 whilst he was transporting the machine from Adelaide to the Aviation Museum.