VH-ATQ (2)    Cessna 310B                             (c/n 35738)


                                   Even on the original Geoff Goodall collection print (above) of this 310 taken at ATQ Cessna
                                   310B at Moorabbin in February 1965 the rego on this 310 is hardly readable.     By the time
                                   David Eyre took the photo (below) at Jandakot in 1989 this anomaly had been rectified.  Like
                                   many contemporary aircraft registered into the VH-A--* series in the 1960s, this one had had
                                   plenty of prior identities.    Built as N6638B it was first imported into Australia in August 1959
                                   as VH-KRA.   In 1962 it became VH-EXZ and the following year, VH-ATL.   When a new
                                   310J came in claiming that rego, c/n 35738 was relegated to VH-ATQ.    It remained that way
                                   until 1996 when it was exported to New Zealand as ZK-JGJ.     As such it was written off at
                                   Omaka, when it overran a wet grass runway and crashed through a boundary fence, resulting
                                   in the nosewheel collapsing and damaging the props et al.     It was officially cancelled from the
                                   New Zealand register in 2000.

                                   *  The first VH-ATQ was a Tiger Moth which became VH-SSB.  Unfortunately I do not have
                                       a photo of it as -ATQ.