VH-ATE  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth                     (c/n DHA885/T257)


                                     This Peter R. Keating photo was taken at Moorabbin on 3 March 1963.   -ATE was one of  the large
                                     Tiger Moth fleet of Super Spread Aviation, and is seen having been rolled out after an overhaul.  It had
                                     been  fitted with a spare lower left wing previously on another of their Tigers, VH-BBD (rego still visible
                                     in this shot).   Formerly A17-468 this Tiger had first been civilianized in July 1946.  Super Spread had
                                     requested a re-registration of it into their VH-SS block and DCA had changed it to VH-SSK(2) the
                                     previous month, so it was probably just waiting for the painter to do his thing.