VH-ASY  (3)   Beech A65-8200/A1                              (c/n    LC-273)


                                      This curious designation referred to the A65 Queen Air which had been certificated at 8,200 lb
                                      TGOW.   Fifty-two of this variant rolled out of the Wichita factory in the late 60s. This one was
                                      formerly N6266V and was to have been VH-ATP when first imported in 1968.   For some rea-
                                      son this marking was not taken up and the Queen Air became VH-ASY instead.     The photo
                                      above was taken by Greg Banfield at Bankstown in March 1968 just after the aircraft had been
                                      imported and whilst working for Eagle Airways.  In the 1970s it was sold to Civil Flying Services
                                      (WA) Pty Ltd as seen in the image below by Geoff Goodall at Geraldton in February 1977.
                                      Following that is an interesting (and historic) shot by Geoff of -ASY heading a line-up of CFS
                                      Queen Airs at Perth in May of 1972.   Oddly, -ASY was not re-registered into the VH-CFx
                                      series.  Anyway by 1981 they had sold it off, and it had received a new paint job when Greg
                                      Banfield took another photo of it at Bankstown in January 1982 (Picture # 4).  This machine is
                                      now derelict at Caloundra, Qld  as seen in the image at the foot of the page, taken by Ian
                                      McDonell in October 2009.   .