VH-ASV  Lockheed  L414-08 Hudson     (c/n   1881)


                                     This Hudson saw service with the RAAF as A16-30.  It was civilianized in 1947 and was
                                     purchased by H. Warren Penny of Sydney, dba Intercontinental Air Tours.   It reportedly
                                     made several trips from Europe to Australia in the 1947-48 period  (presumably with
                                     immigrants - this was a period of great migration to Australia following the aftermath of
                                     WW II).  At one time it was impounded in Singapore (still a British Colony at that time,
                                     of course) due to a C of A irregularity, but was eventually released to Warren Penny to
                                     continue his business.   It was sold in 1948 to Burma as XY-ACD.   Go to Ron Cuskelly's
                                     Lockheed File site for the full story: