VH-ASD   (1)    Douglas DC-3S1C3G                         (c/n   13506)


                                        This DC-3 was part of the Department of Civil Aviation fleet before they were registered in
                                        the VH-C series.   Built as a C-47A-25-DK for the USAAF as 42-93579, it was re-registered
                                        VH-CAN in 1950.   The acronym of its registration letters actually stood for Arthur S. Drakeford,
                                        a former Minister for Civil Aviation. For a more complete story on the reason for this re-registration
                                        and other interesting anecdotes re the Department's aircraft, go to the Airways Museum and Civil
                                        Aviation Historical Society website page at:
                                        This DC-3 is still flying in New Zealand as ZK-AMY.