VH-ARH  CAC CA6 Wackett Trainer    (c/n   433)

                                 Here's a smart looking Wackett at Bankstown in 1955 in Kingsfoed Smith Flying School blue
                                 and silver.  .  The little badge on the fin is the Commonwealth Aircraft Corp logo.  -ARH was
                                 the former A3-199, and was sold to a J. McKeoun in October of 1945 for 200-odd quid.
                                 It was peviously with the Royal Victorian Aero Club as shown in the shot below from the
                                 John Hopton collection taken at Essendon in June 1949.    On 21 September 1956 -ARH
                                 crashed on take off from Bankstown, having evidentally suffered an engine failure. It appears
                                 that the aircraft stalled from approximately 150 feet and the pilot could not regsain control.  
                                 Sadly, pilot Selwyn Mathias died and his passenger sustained serious injuries  . The photo of
                                 the wreckage at the foot of the page is from the Harry Broe collection (via Robert Livingstone).