VH-AQA (3)  DHC-2 Beaver                        (c/n 1467)


                                  This Beaver is outside the data range of this website, but I'll add it nonetheless merely to complete
                                  the historical sequences of the VH-AQA rego.  The aircraft was originally built for the Ghana Air
                                  Force and flew with that arm in 1961 as G-207.    It wound up in Malaysia as 9M-AXE before
                                  being imported into Australia in 1974 as VH-IML.    Following a period of inactivity in the early
                                 1980s it was registered to Aquatic Airways of Palm Beach, NSW in 1983 as VH-AQA.   Greg
                                  Banfield's shot above shows it whilst with Aquatic, and sporting advertising for Nutri-Metics (a
                                  sort of antipodean Mary Kay-like home based nutrient business).   In 1993 -AQA went to Sydney
                                  Harbour Seaplanes and is still registered to them, albeit being currently (2008) under a rebuild.