VH-API  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth                     (c/n      T113)


                                 This shot was taken at by David Johnson (via Geoff Goodall) at Boldercombe, Queensland in
                                 September 1963 during an agricultural field day.  The Tiger was operated by Queensland Air-
                                 planters Pty Ltd, of Bundaberg.   Its identity is a bit of a mystery and the only number quoted
                                 is its wartime deHavilland Aircraft overhaul number of  T.113.  This number was assigned by
                                 DHA to RAAF Tiger Moths that were issued back to them for overhauls while still in RAAF
                                 service.<>  The "T" number was stamped on a small plate affixed to the port side of the fuselage
                                 between the two cockpits, so when the Tigers were sold off to civil owners postwar, the T
                                 number was often quoted on the Registration Application forms and stayed with the aircraft for
                                 their civil lives -  despite a perfectly good original DH plate inside the cockpit.   A tie-up list
                                 linking the T series to their RAAF serials has never been found.  Not even Tiger experts such
                                 as Mel Davis in Adelaide have been able to truly identify VH-WPK/API.    It was originally
                                 registered VH-WPK and did not become the second VH-API until 1960.   It was withdrawn
                                 from use at the end of 1964.