VH-AOH  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                                  (c/n   12790)     

                                    The second aircraft to bear the rego VH-AOH was this ex C-47-20-DK built in 1942 as USAAF
                                    42-92934.   It was delivered on 7 July 1947 to Butler to replace the one which was lost.   It is seen
                                    above at Mascot in 1954.   Greg Banfield saw it a decade later at Eagle Farm (below) on 9 February,
                                   1964 when it was working for Queensland Airlines.  VH-AOH (2) was sold in Taiwan in 1967 to a
                                    company named Winner Airways (CIA???) and became B-308.  It was written off at Tuy Hoa Air-
                                    port, Viet-Nam in 1970 during the conflict there.