VH-AOG  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G       (c/n   10083)


                                        Built as a C-47A-40-DL with USAAF serial number 42-24221, VH-AOG was acquired
                                        by Butler Air Transport in 1946.  The above is a (relatively) rare shot of the aircraft in early
                                        Butler markings, circa 1947.     The lower shot shows it at Essendon, Melbourne  in 1955
                                        wearing the normal livery for the airline at that time. Unfortunately, shortly after this photograph
                                        was taken, -AOG was involved in a forced landing accident just after taking off from Bourke
                                        Airport in western New South Wales due to an engine failure.   Fortunately the 2 crew and
                                        10 passengers escaped serious injury, but aircraft was a write-off.   For a more complete
                                        description of the accident, go to: