VH-AOA (3)  Cessna 182H Skylane                        (c/n  56382)


                                     Here's Cessna 182H VH-AOA (sans spinner and prop?) at Adelaide Airport in March 1967.
                                     This had been re-registered in October 1965 from VH-PKU for Air Oasis Pty Ltd. of Adelaide,
                                     an associate company of SA Air Taxis and SAATAS.   It was based at Alice Springs in 1966-67.
                                     The Ansett-ANA DC-4 in the background in Geoff Goodall's shot is VH-INL.   The photo below,
                                     from the Phil Vabre collection, shows it at Alice Springs, this time replete with SAATAS titling (and
                                     prop and spinner).   -AOA is still current and now used as a skydiver platform in Queensland.