VH-ANX   Douglas DC-3CG202A       'Tarrana'                           (c/n 18949)


                                         Built as a C-47A-65-DL for the USAAF (42-100486), this aircraft was civilianized at the
                                         end of 1945.   After stints with Butler, Ansett-ANA, Airlines of South Australia and Ansett
                                         Airlines of Australia, it was converted in 1970 to a freighter and seconded to subsidiary
                                         MacRobertson Miller Airlines.   After two years freight service with MMA, -ANX was
                                         sold to Australian Aircraft Sales in April 1972, and then onward sold to Island Air Transfer
                                         of Honolulu as N99131.    This company had contracts to carry tourists' outsized baggage
                                         to island resorts using Beech 18s and DC-3s.   N99131 was still flying well into the new
                                         millennium with Genavco Air Cargo in the islands with many tens of thousands of hours
                                         on the airframe by then.
                                         Photos # 2,3 and 4 below, are from the Geoff Goodall collection.  No 2 shows -ANX at
                                         Perth in March 1970 soon after being delivered to MMA from Ansett-ANA storage at
                                         Essendon, wearing the 1960s Ansett-ANA "Cargoliner" scheme with titles painted over.
                                         All MMA's DC-3s had been retired and disposed of the previous year, so when the iron
                                         ore mining boom in WA's north generated unforecast traffic, what better "DC-3 replace-
                                         ment" than more DC-3s?      Consequently, VH-ANX and - ANZ were transferred by
                                         parent company Ansett-ANA to their MMA subsidiary.  Photo No 3 shows -ANX and
                                         -ANZ together at Perth in November 1970, while in No 4 -ANX was seen at Perth in
                                         April 1971 resplendent in MMA's new Ansett-based colour scheme.    After two years
                                         freight service with MMA, VH-ANX was sold to Australian Aircraft Sales in April 1972,
                                         and departed Melbourne for Hawaii 27 August 1972.    The color photo at the foot of the
                                         entry illustrating c/n 18949 in US markings is from the Peter Gates collection.