VH-ANV     Douglas DC-3CG202A            'Louana'                            (c/n  10082)


                                      Sister aircraft to VH-ANT.   It was built as a C-47A-50-DL with USAAF serial number
                                      42-24220.   Its RAAF call sign was VHCCD.  It was procured from war surplus by ANA
                                      in 1946.   However, unlike VH-ANU this aircraft began its career with ANA as a passenger
                                      liner, (as the shot below, taken much earlier,  illustrates) but was relegated to freight duties in
                                     1953.  It passed to the Ansett-ANA fleet in 1957 when A.T.I. (Ansett Transport Industries)
                                      took over ANA.  The shot below, by Peter Gates, shows it in this livery.   Like VH-ANT it
                                      was sold in Cambodia in 1968 becoming XU-EAH.  It was scrapped in 1975 at Phnom Penh.