VH-ANS  Douglas DC-3CG202A    'Salamaua'             (c/n  6010)


                                             My shot (above) in the paint shop at Essendon,  December, 1953   (taken from a trestle)
                                             Richard Maclean's (below) a rather overly contrasty one on the ramp at Essendon on a very
                                             hot day in January 1954.  At the foot of the page is a rather poor, although rare shot of -ANS
                                             in originally ANA livery, circa 1946.
                                             Built in 1942 as Douglas C-47-DL  41-18649.  Assigned to 5th Air Force and transferred  to
                                             RAAF as 'VHCHB'.   It was flown in 1944 by ANA with the call sign VH-CDH on wartime
                                             courier duties.  Civilianized in 1946 as VH-ANS.  Sold to Guinea Airlines in 1953 and
                                             reregistered VH-GAJ in 1958.   When Guinea was taken over by Ansett it became part
                                             of the newly named Airlines of South Australia fleet reverting to registration VH-ANS.
                                             Broken up at Essendon in 1969.