VH-ANR   Douglas DC-3CG202A   'Oana'                                     (c/n 1944)


                                          This bird was truly old, and had an historic life.   It was built as a DC-3-194B for KLM in
                                          1937 and registered in Holland as  PH-ALW.  In 1940 it went to the East Indies Division of
                                           the airline (KNILM) and became PK-ALW.  It escaped the Japanese advance into the Dutch
                                           East Indies and on May 1, 1942 was flown to Australia.  Here it was impressed into the USAAF
                                           as '11944' and transferred to 21 Sqdn, RAAF as VHCXE for the personal use of General
                                           McArthur.  It later served with 36 Sqdn RAAF and with ANA as VHCXL in a wartime
                                           courier role.  In 1945 it was given the "official" designation of C-49H-DO and allotted the serial
                                           number 44-83229.  It was civilianized in 1946 for ANA and became part of the Ansett-ANA
                                           fleet.  It was assigned to Butler Air Transport  in 1958 and converted to 'Viewmaster' configuration
                                           as Peter Gates' shot below illustrates.   Butler became Airlines of NSW in 1959, and the livery was
                                           again changed, as seen in the image at the foot of the page, taken by Greg Banfield at Mascot in
                                           March 1964.    VH-ANR has been preserved and is on display at the Queensland Air Museum at
                                           Caloundra Aerodrome on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.  For a recent photograph of it, and details
                                           of the museum, go to: