VH-ANJ  Douglas DC-3G202A                "Kadana"                    (c/n  9105)

                                     My shot above at Essendon in 1954  (VH-ANQ in background).  -ANY was built as a
                                     C-47-DL and given USAAF serial number 42-32879.  It was seconded to the US Navy
                                     in Brisbane during the war and civilianized in 1946for ANA. .  It passed to Ansett-ANA
                                     in 1957 and did stints with Victorian Air Coach Services (a 1960s lower cost commuter
                                     service) and also with Airlines of NSW.   Greg Banfield took a shot of it in those latter
                                     markings at Mascot in November of 1963 (below).  It was damaged beyond repair in
                                     a landing at Warrnambool, Victoria in 1966, taken to Essendon Airport, and reduced
                                     to scap in 1969.