VH-AND  (4)  Bell 206B Jet Ranger II                         (c/n  474)


                                    You will note that this is listed as the fourth iteration of the rego VH-AND.    Following the famous
                                    Skymaster was a Sikorsky S62A and then another Bell 206A Jet Ranger, (c/n 302)  which was not
                                    taken up, being registered VH-UHJ instead.    This one was registered in January 1970 to Ansett
                                    Airlines of Australia as a model 206A.   It was converted to a model 206B in January of 1976 and
                                    the above shot, by Nelson Hopkins (via Greg Banfield) was taken at Essendon approximately a year
                                    after this conversion.   In June 1982 it was sold to Australian Television Pty Ltd (Channel 10) in Mel-
                                    bourne although was not with them long, being sold off to NBN Ltd of Newcastle in December 1983.
                                    Since then it has had several owners and is still current, registered now (2012) to John Weymouth of
                                    Dora Creek, NSW.