VH-AMK  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G     (c/n   13362)


                                        In the immediate post-WW II era, to augment their Lockheed 10As, Ansett Airways acquired
                                        three DC-3s, the first of which, VH-AMK 'Anstratus' seen above.  The other two were VH-AML
                                        and - AMJ.  All three were re-registered in the VH-RM series in 1948 (the first of which were the
                                        founder's initials - R.M. Ansett). Consequently photographs of them in VH-A-- markings are
                                        comparatively rare.  This above shot is circa 1946, as is the one below, from the CAHS archives.
                                        VH-AMK became VH-RMK and later, VH-BZK.       It was sold to Thai Airways in 1958 as
                                        HS-TDG.  Its certificate of airworthiness was finally cancelled in 1973, although it was in store at
                                        Don Muang Airport, Bangkok (the one with the golf course between the runways) until 1979 when
                                        presumably it was scrapped.