VH-INN  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                     (c/n  4969)


                                               This DC-3 was originally built to a United Airlines order and would have been NC33690 had
                                               the war not intervened.  In the event it was impressed into service with the USAAF as 43-2025
                                               a C-53C-DO, and was then seconded (I suspect simultaneously) to the US Navy as a R4D-3
                                               with BuAer No. 06998.   In March 1947 it was civilianized as VH-AKG for Butler Air Trans-
                                               port but withdrawn from use in December of that year.  Restored, it became VH-INN and
                                               named 'Gwingana' for ANA.   In September 1953 ANA sold it to dealers Aviation Sales of
                                               Sydney and it was immediately ferried to Saigon on delivery to French long-distance airline
                                               Aigle Azur as F-OAPC.    It was destroyed 4 March 1954 by Viet Cong attack at Gia Lam,
                                               Hanoi.   Ben Dannecker's rare shot was taken at Mascot circa 1953.