VH-AFW  Avro 643 Cadet II   (c/n 860)


                               A less than illustrious shot taken with an old box camera at Bankstown in the late 1940s.   Some 34
                               of these scaled down variants of the Avro Tutor were employed by the RAAF as trainers.      Serial
                               numbered A6-1 to -34, they were known as the Cadet or Avro Trainer.        Of the 34 delivered to
                               the RAAF, half of them were air worthy enough to appear on the civil register after the war.
                               VH-AFW was previously A6-11.        It was damaged beyond repair by a wind storm in 1952.
                               The three images below are all from the Elizabeth Leckie collection and depict -AFW in the mid
                               1940s soon after it had been civilianized.