VH-AJN  (1)  Supermarine Sea Otter                                 (c/n    ?)

                              This Sea Otter, along with sister-craft VH-AJO was civilianized in September 1949 and spent just about
                              all of its time in New Guinea, presumably working on the goldfields trade.  Having said that, the image
                              above was taken in Queensland (Eagle Farm?) before the aircraft left for the mandate, and is courtesy
                              of the John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland collection.    The photograph below was taken
                              at Goroka, PNG, by a co-worker accountant friend of mine (whose name, unfortunately, eludes me fifty
                              years on) who was transferred to New Guinea with the Australian Department of Civil Aviation.  (He
                              actually volunteered to go up there).  His instructions, from yours truly, upon departing Melbourne, were
                              to photograph anything of an aeronautical nature!    By the time he "got to" the Sea Otter (circa 1955),
                              it had been "reduced to produce".    VH-AJN was the former Royal Australian Navy Sea Otter JN188
                              while -AJO was ex JN242.