VH-AJH  CAC CA6 Wackett Trainer    (c/n  283)


                               Another of Kingsford Smith Aviation Service's Wacketts.  This was built for the RAAF as A3-49
                               and civilianized in 1946.  It was converted in 1957 into a Kingsford-Smith KS-1 'Buckmaster' crop
                               sprayer by replacing the rear seat with a chemical hopper and the fitting of spray bars. It was later
                               modified again becoming the KS-2, and finally became the prototype of the KS-3 'Cropmaster' in
                              1959.    This aircraft is currently preserved and on display at the Royal Australian Air Force Assoc-
                               iation Heritage Museum at Bull Creek, WA.    Geoff Goodall provides some shots (below) of it in
                               its progression as a 'Cropmaster'.  Image # 2 is from a slide by Ben Dannecker showing it in KS.2
                               format while shot # 3 (Ern Flanders photo) illustrates it as a KS.3 Cropmaster at Maylands, WA
                               in November 1961.  In photo # 4 it is seen out on the grass after it had been acquired by the Air-
                               force Association Museum group.   Finally,  at the foot of a page is a photo (# 5) of the remains at
                               Caloundra early in 2009 taken by Ian McDonnell.  The machine has recently (2008) been acquired
                               by the Queensland Air Museum as a rebuild (static display) project.