VH-AJE (2)   Auster J/1 Autocrat                                (c/n  1874)


                               Pure, unadulterated (3-seat) J/1 Autocrats were comparatively rare in Australia, since the Auster
                               concern produced the J/5 Adventurer, a 4-seat version, specifically for the Australian and New
                               Zealand markets.   VH-AJE was the former G-AGVO, built in 1946, and is still flying today. My
                               shot was taken at Bankstown in 1954 and shows it in the colors of the Illawarra Flying Club.
                               The photo immediately below is from the Geoff Goodall collection and shows the Auster at May-
                               lands, Perth circa 1952, in original Auster livery.  VH-AJE is still current.  Photo # 3 was taken
                               by Geoff at the March 1985 Mangalore air show, whilst at the foot of the page is a Phil Vabre
                               shot showing -AJE in April 2011 at Middlebrook Station, Scone, NSW. (I'm personally not
                               enchanted with the tiny rego).