VH-ALM  Auster J/1 Autocrat                                 (c/n  2626)


                                This was the former G-AJUN and was first registered in Australia in January of 1952.  Greg Banfield's
                                shot above was taken at Luskintyre, NSW in May 1986.    Greg's other shot of it on approach to Ber-
                                wick, Victoria (below) was taken a decade earlier, on 22 February 1975.  VH-ALM was still flying in
                                2006 but then failed to comply with new regulations pertaining to fabric covered aircraft and was
                                cancelled from the register.          I heard from Greg Weir recently (March 2013) who indicates that
                                -ALM is now in pieces at Blackwater, Qld, although is decent shape and could be purchased for some
                                $4,000 as a restoration project.  Greg provides the photo at the foot of the page.