VH-ALL (3)    Cessna 180B Skywagon                              (c/n  50551)


                                     This VH-ALL was the third to bear this rego.  After the original Dragon there was a Cessna 182
                                     which was registered in November 1960 and which became VH-AEL just before the above aircraft
                                     came in in March of 1962.  This, in its turn, became VH-AUE in 1965 and is still extant as such.  Its
                                     US registration, had it remained, would have been N5251E.  Greg Banfield's shot above was taken
                                     at Bankstown on 29 March 1964 when it was a contestant in the 1964 Ansett Air Race, flown by
                                     M. Long of Melbourne.   Bob Neate's shot (below) was taken earlier at Moorabbin..