VH-ALJ  Miles M.65 Gemini 1A            (c/n  6467)


                                       VH-ALJ was the former G-AJZL, built at Woodley in 1947 and shipped out from the UK
                                       to Australia at the end of 1951, although it was not registered until the following July.   The
                                       above shot, from the H.W. Pryor collection (via Geoff Goodall) was taken at Brisbane's
                                       Eagle Farm Airport in 1952, soon after it was granted its Australian CofA.   If it spent most
                                       of its time in Queensland, the hot dry conditions probably wrought havoc to its wood bonded
                                       construction resulting in its being withdrawn from use in 1959, well before a DCA mandate
                                       would have grounded it anyway (in 1963).