VH-AKW   DHC-1 Chipmunk Mk. 21                      (C1-0153)

                                            VH-AKW was first registered to de Havilland Australia on 14 December 1951, and was, in
                                            fact, the prototype Mk.21 - i.e. the first UK purpose-built civilian machine, and not an ex RAF
                                            trainer. The above image is from the Frank Walters collection and the following three are from
                                            Geoff Goodall's vast hoard.  Above it is at Bankstown wearing Illawarra Flying School stripes
                                          . The colo shot at the foot of the page was in the 1960sThey depict it :
                                            (a) above in a rare Gus Grulke shot taken at Eagle Farm, Brisbane, circa 1952 in typical DH style
                                            demo markings;  (b) immediately below in a nice color scheme in the 1960s (venue unknown)
                                            and (c), at the bottom of the page in the the early 1970s in a shot by Roger McDonald.  With-
                                            drawn from use in 1971, it was resurrected in the new millennium and is now flying again. 
                                            Ian McDonell took a shot of it at Redcliffe in May of 2011 (bottom of the page).