VH-AKB (2)   DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                  (c/n  C1/0123)


  This T.10 was ex-RAF WB675 which was exported to Australia at the end of 1956 as the second
                                  Chipmunk for the Royal Newcastle Aero Club to bear the registration VH-RNI.  (The first was ex
                                  WB700, c/n C1-0148).  It was sold to the Royal Victorian Aero Club in October 1961 as VH-RVH.
                                  The club disposed of it in early 1964 whereupon it became the second VH-AKB (the first was an
                                  Anson).  It is seen above at Bankstown in 1970 in this photo by Pete Kelly (via Geoff Goodall).
                                  Barry Maclean's shot (immediately below) was taken at Point Cook in the 1980s.  This aircraft has
                                  now been completely restored and is flying as WB675 (with a minuscule "VH-AKB" atop the fin) as
                                  seen in the shot at the foot of the page from the A. Tiddy collection taken at Camden, NSW in Feb
                                  of 2004.