VH-AJB (2)  Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six                    (c/n  32-40224)


                               The above shot is by David Carter who apologizes for the quality of the print but indicates that it was
                               extracted with some difficulty from a negative that was almost black.   He had  made the long drive to
                               Bathurst on 4 October 1970 just to shoot the car race day visitors, only to suffer a technical problem
                               that left pictures grossly overexposed.   Few were as bad as VH-AJB, which had to be scanned as a
                               “positive” because the software refused to believe it was a neg.         Considering that, it's pretty good. 
                               (as you may have realized, if you have come across them, David's photos are exemplary).  Anyway,
                               VH-AJB was part of the fleet of Moorabbin-based Australian Air Charters, first registered in Septem-
                               ber 1967.  It was damaged beyond repair on take off from Walkers Island, Tasmania on 1 May 1971
                               when it failed to get properly airborne and ended up in the sea.