VH-AIO (1)  CAC CA6 Wackett Trainer                           (c/n  248)


                                   This purports to be an photo of the first VH-AIO, a Wackett Trainer which crashed at Euroa,
                                   Victoria on 3 June 1950.   The image is by Fred W. Bourke and taken at the crash site.  Clearly
                                    today a crash of this nature would be repaired, but in those days Wacketts were, if not exactly
                                    a dime a dozen, but common enough that remains such as these would have been parted out for
                                    spares.  VH-AIO was originally a trainer for Qantas and was the previously registered VH-EAY
                                  , ex RAAF A3-14     Possibly the rego was painted on the tail, and is hence not seen in this photo.