VH-AIE (1)  Percival P.44 Proctor 5                  (c/n  AE13)


                                          Proctor 5 VH-AIE was a new, post war built machine imported in July 1948.  It is seen at at Perth
                                          Airport in May 1958 in this shot by Ern Flanders (via Geoff Goodall). . Named "Jennie Wren", the
                                          aircraft crashed on 25 August 1962 when the leading edge of the starboard wing broke away while
                                          flying in support of a ground party rounding up isolated flocks of sheep on "Wildara" Station, 70 miles
                                          north of Leonora WA.     The DCA investigation found that "the glue used in the assembly of the star-
                                          board wing had deteriorated to such a degree as to render the wing considerably under the design
                                          strength." . The Proctor had only logged 632 hours since built, and had been hangared all its life, and
                                          CofA renewals had been done by MacRobertson Miler Airlines in Perth.    A month after the crash,
                                          DCA announced that all Proctor 5 models in Australia would have their CofAs suspended effective
                                          31 December 1962.  The ban on wood bonded aircraft applied also to Ansons and certain Miles type