VH-AIA as P2-ISR  Britten-Norman BN-2A Islander                            (c/n  15)


                                   The second VH-AIA wa an Islander first registered in March 1968, being ex G-AVXT.   In
                                   !979 it was sold to Talair as P2-ISR.    David Carter saw it (above) at Lae in March 1993.
                                   On 23 December 1993, the Islander was carrying vegetables when it departed Mount Hagen's
                                   runway 30 for Kamusi.       The takeoff roll acceleration seemed a little sluggish but this was
                                   attributed to the density altitude (Mount Hagen Airport is located at an elevation of 5600 feet)
                                   and the load.    The aircraft climbed slowly to an altitude of about 100 feet agl.       Loss of
                                   engine power forced the pilot to carry out a crash-landing straight ahead, after having turned
                                   left onto a heading of approx 280 °.  P2-ISR struck the ground heavily (approx .50 knots)
                                   and bounce/skidded about 80 metres before the nose bulkhead came to rest against a creek
                                   bank.  Damage was such that it was written off.