VH-AHW (2)  AESL Airtourer Super 150                               (c/n  A543


                                    Ferried across the Tasman Sea as ZK-DAB, this newly built Airtourer arrived in Australia in Dec-
                                    ember 1969. It was cancelled from the New Zealand register in February 1970, although it would
                                    be seven months before it appeared on the Australian register just before the Aviat 70 air show
                                    staged at Bankstown airport on September 20.    David Carter photographed VH-AHW in May
                                    1976 when it was part of the Royal Queensland Aero Club fleet at Archerfield airport. The aircraft
                                    was lost in tragic circumstances on September 3, 1989, when the pilot, the sole occupant, suffered
                                    a fatal heart attack on approach to South Grafton airport, sending VH-AHW plunging into the
                                    Clarence River.