VH-AHV (2)  Bell 206A Jet Ranger                           (c/n  219)

                                           This Bell Jet Ranger was first registered in October 1968.   The above shot, via Greg Banfield,
                                           was taken by Nelson Hopkins in April 1979 whilst the jet chopper was operating a Gosford-
                                           Sydney Commuter run, with a rather odd-sounding corporate name.  Following a crash in July
                                           1970 it was restored as P2-AHV on the Papua/New Guinea register.    It was the repatriated
                                           back to Australia in 1976 and upgraded to Model 206B standard, reverting to VH-AHV.  It
                                           went back to PNG in 1977 (as P2-AHV) and then returned to Australia in 1978 (as VH-AHV
                                           again) for new World Aviation Pty Ltd.      Greg Banfield's own photo (below) was taken at
                                           Mascot in October 1985.  In 1990 it was re-registered VH-EPQ for Desnor Pty Ltd of Banks-
                                           town.   It is still current and flies wearing a very gaudy color scheme.