VH-AHR  Percival P.34 Proctor 3                     (c/n H.466)


                                              As you might surmise, this aircraft had a red cowling and cheat line on a silver fuselage when
                                              named 'Rudolph'.  The Proctor, ex G-ALCF and LZ684, was in the hangar at Cootamundra,
                                              NSW when John Hopton took the above photo in April 1962.  It was based there for many
                                              years whilst owned by Keith Ward and later Frank deBritt.   By January 1965, when Mike
                                              Croker took the shot immediately below at Goulburn, NSW, the rego had been moved to
                                              the tail.   -AHR had been ferried from to Goulburn from Coota after its CofA expired and
                                              it was officially cancelled from the register on 21 April 1964.      Plans for a rebuild to pass
                                              the DCA wood glue tests were abandoned, and it was flown out to a farm at Bethong near
                                              Young, NSW.      Here it was damaged when ground-looped during a "fast taxi", and dumped
                                              in a dry creek bed on the property    A decade later (April 1975) Mike Vincent took a shot
                                              of the remains (bottom of the page) at Bethong.    Amazingly, when last heard of, these remains
                                              were salvaged and are in a collection of Proctor parts held for restoration by Leigh Giles of
                                              Lara, Victoria