VH-AHO  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth                        (c/n  DHA357)


Here's an interesting aerial shot (above) from the Ben Dannecker collection of a Robby's Air-
                                    craft Tiger.      The caption indicates the pilot was Max Bond.     The rough photo of -AHO
                                    below is a copy from an article in the Adelaide Adventurer for 19 November 1949, the test
                                    of which reads:
                                        "Cooper's Creek and the Diamantina River have recently been in flood - the former for the
                                         first time in 31 years.  Both these rivers empty into the normally arid bed of Lake Eyre.:
                                         The Royal Geographic Society of SA was interested in the floods in the Cooper, and wished        
                                         to know how the water was lying in the lake.  An aerial survey was the only means of finding
                                         this out and Robby's Aircraft Co of Parafield undertook to carry out the work.  Their red
                                         Tiger Moth VH-AHO was the aircraft chosen for the trip.  Pilot was Russell Evans, a crop
                                         duster and the aerial photographer was Donald Ellery".
                                         The photo caption stated:  "A few interested spectators watch VH-AHO being refueled".
                                         VH-AHO was ex A17-338 and was civilianized in April 1947.  It was re-registered VH-RAO
                                         for Robbys in July 1952.