VH-AHN (2)    Piper PA-22-108  Colt                            (c/n  22-9196)


                                    The first -AHN was a Tiger Moth which became VH-DAO in 1959.  This, the second iteration
                                    was imported in 1962 by Piper agents Millard O'Sullivan and registered to them as VH-MEB.
                                    When sold in December 1962 to Kimberly Developments of Derby, WA, it became VH-AHN.
                                    Geoff Goodall's shot above was taken at Albany, WA in January  1974 when the machine was
                                    owned by the Albany Flying Group.   It is still going strong, still in WA, and registered to a private
                                    owner in the Perth area.