VH-AHI (2)  Bell 47G-3B-1                         (c/n  6502)


                                     The second allocation of the rego VH-AHI was to this Bell 47G, seen hovering in the shot above
                                     by Greg Banfield, taken at Camden, NSW in October 1972.    The titling on the cabin door says
                                     'Rotor Works - Sydney'.   In November 1978 it was re-registered on the PNG register as P2-AHI.
                                     It was then converted (I believe) to a turbine powered Bell-Soloy machine and went back to the
                                     U.S. in 1995 as N1164T.    Incredibly it is still on the register and registered to a company in New
                                     Jersey.  Listed on the US register as having a reciprocal engine, I attempted to call the company and
                                     find out whether it had been converted back.  All efforts to contact them failed.  If not totally out of
                                     business, they certainly are hard to track down.