VH-AHH (1)   Avro 643 Cadet II                       (c/n  1058)


                                        Judging by the placard propped up against the tail, this Cadet was at an air show when the
                                        above shot was taken at Parafield, Adelaide circa 1949.  It was formerly A6-23 when in
                                        the RAAF.    The two rare photos in this entry came via a circuitous route, having originally
                                        been taken by J. Brennan via the Nigel Daw collection and then to this website from Geoff
                                        Goodall.    VH-AHH pranged near Clare, SA in 1950, (120 odd km north of Adelaide)
                                        and it was deemed not economical  to repair it.  It was officially withdrawn from the register
                                        on 19 February 1951.. J. Brennan's shot below shows the extent of the damage.  There is
                                        no question that today it would have been fully restored!