VH-AHF  (1)     Ryan STM                                  (c/n  450)


                            The above shot was taken on the same day as was VH-AHD at Newcastle, NSW in 1949 or 50.
                            Note "neat:" Tiger coupe VH-AAR in back.  -AHF was S-14 with the NEI Navy and A50-7
                            with the RAAF.  It was withdrawn from use in 1955.   The lower image is from the John Hopton
                            collection via Geoff Goodall, and shows the aircraft at Geelong-Belmont Common around about
                            the same time (circa 1950).    Finally, at the foot of the page is an interesting shot of -AHF in
                            a Newcastle Aero Club formation, circa 1949 with -AGD and the first Chimunk in Australia,
                            VH-BFT.   This photo is via the Bob Neate collection.