VH-AGR  (2)   Ryan STM                                                         (c/n  475)


                                  Now we come to confusing bit.....  There were actually three Ryan STMs registered
                                  VH-AGR!        They were:
                                                 c/n  483   ex A50-5 and S-47 of the NEI Navy.  This aircraft was first registered
                                                                on 21 November 1945 and crashed at Bankstown in 1951.
                                                 c/n  475  (the one illustrated above) being a rebuild with parts from # 483 above
                                                                and also parts from A50-9 (ex S-39).  It was registered on 6 February
                                                                1955 and cannibalised around 1957 to use in the making of c/n 466.
                                                 c/n  466  Another rebuild, done in 1958, (below) with bits and pieces from the two
                                                                above, plus parts from A50-18 (ex S-30), and given the c/n of  the latter
                                                                machine (which contributed the bulk of the rebuild).     

                                 The last one was sold back to the US in 1981 becoming N2617W and then N466WA.. 

                                 My shot of c/n 475 above was taken at Bankstown in 1955, shortly after the rebuild.    The nice
                                 photo of c/n 466 below, showing it airborne with VH-AGW,  is from the Mac Job collection taken
                                 in February 1979.